The goal we pursue at Kaplan Consultants is bound to a belief that humane values can be promoted through the development of critical thinking. Critical thinking in this context refers to skills achieved through ongoing learning dynamics as a means to stimulate ones capability to distance oneself from immediate reaction to stimuli (when that stimuli may subject us to undesired manipulation). By doing so, one increases the level of conceptualisation hence further developing learning skills.

If you have read this far then you are probably quite tenacious, or perhaps simply intrigued or curious as to where this is leading. To be straightforward, let us just state that we would like learning, on an ongoing basis, to be part of lifestyle in our present-day civilizations. We hope that the cultures we are part of encompass learning as one of the pleasures one can indulge in at all ages, whatever situation one is in or background one comes from.

There are many other underlying thoughts behind this; such as, learning as a social activity and the need for interaction and mutual recognition in learning activities. This brings us to the subject of cooperative and collaborative learning (there is a distinction between these two) but we will leave this introduction at that.