We detain no secret in respect to methodology; we do, on the other hand comply with strict procedures to a set of rules at KAPLAN CONSULTANTS. Following these rules, we define the methodology most appropriate to each task. Thus, we ensure the needed flexibility for an efficient delivery of our services and IT tools.

Our approach is systemic. We therefore carry out all work by first studying the existing situation. We define the goals with our clients and partners on the different levels, may they be formal or informal. From there, we validate a progress plan and begin with a survey, involving all potentially concerned people. The procedure requires associating people at different levels who are role players, beneficiaries or people affected by changes as a result of the process.

We consider the process as the outcome of the work we are entrusted with. The product is the process in it's whole, not just the final outcome. Assessing and readjusting the work in progress is a major concern for us as we want all players involved in the work to have the best chances for a successful outcome. Assessment criteria are therefore shared with all those who are involved. Our work is always concluded with a printed report.

This approach is always applied through our set of rules no matter how big the task, may it be managing a European project or a one-day expertise for an education centre.