Reconnaissance Et Valorisation de la Personne Agée de plus de 50 ans, abbreviated REVPA (Recognition and valorization of persons over 50 years of age) was an ERASMUS+ Adult Education Staff Learning Mobility, co-financed by the European Commission, that took place between September 2015 and August 2016. The progressive aging of European societies led us to reconsider the conditions required for those aged 50 and older so that they can continue to actively take part in economic, cultural and social activities.

Despite the need to provide the conditions for full recognition of these populations, marginalization, and even discrimination lead to exclude the person of 50 years and older from labor markets and from being considered as persons able to effectively contribute to the development of our societies. Misconceptions such as lesser ability in the use of the latest computer technologies affect these populations where sometimes gender power structures add an additional element in explaining exclusion phenomena that affect women in this age group, for example. KAPLAN CONSULTANTS (KC) is regularly involved with organizations and training institutions for healthcare, supports the professional development of education professionals in the public sector at territorial level and works with associations in civil society.

The project aimed to better understand the issues, suggest changes that can be made to the design of work-spaces, leisure and tools surrounding us in our environments to initiate a gradual change in attitudes, raise awareness and facilitate change for people aged 50 and over. Our organization has identified an Italian association in Genoa -ALPHA- that specializes in issues related to these concerns. They are willing to enable us to observe their professional practices and learn from their experience in the field with people over 50 years. The method chosen is that of immersion, observation of the work by each participant (job shadowing) and taking part in on-site focus groups as well as discussions at a distance in-between visits.

A personalized program was co-developed with each participant to allow for specific knowledge to be constructed in the field through site visits and the gradual implementation of actions in the organization of origin. The expected outcome was the development of interventions with organizations that work with KC to initiate and support awareness and the necessary changes to action design and activities. Implementation of actions in this direction have already begun. KC will continue its support in hope that change of perspective will induce changes in the practices of players that participate directly or indirectly in change management and gradual adaptation to the new understandings regarding the importance to prepare our societies for the demographic changes they are undergoing to enable active participation of citizens aged 50 and over and to ensure that well-being for these populations is prime.

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