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action research at IFITS

Institut de Formation Interhospitalier Théodore Simon (IFITS) is an educational institution that provides vocational training in healthcare. One of its main programs is training to become a fully qualified nurse. IFITS director Christine Marchal was the instigator for setting up a research unit within the school. Laurence Ledesma from IFITS is heading the research unit in the making. Initial counselling for setting up the research unit was provided by Jonathan Kaplan.

study circles at CNFPT

Following an initial study circle at headquarters (see below), the regional delegation of the French National Centre for the Management of Territorial Service (CNFPT) for Pays de la Loire, in Angers (France), contracted Jonathan Kaplan to facilitate a study circle with the education counselors of the region. The study circle was initiated in February 2014 and lasted until June. In accordance with the principle of self-determination, the study circle topic was the result of participants' choice, made through a process by which the group distils shared concerns and interests. The topic chosen was Cooperative Modes in the Professional Sphere, Well-Being and Service Quality. This study circle was an initiative that followed from the first study circle commissioned by CNFPT headquarters.

sandwich generation

Sandwich Generation logo

Sandwich Generation and Intergenerational Caring is a EU sponsored Grundtvig Learning Partnership project. The project was co-funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme and has earned a Star Project distinction. It addresses the needs of women and men who have care responsibilities for frail elderly relatives. The two year project was launched in January 2010. The last project meeting and pubic conference were held in Ravenna in June 2011. They were hosted by Università per la Formazione Permanente degli Adulti Giovanna Bosi Maramotti.



Picture of Dr. KaplanDr. Jonathan Kaplan (Ph.D.) is the owner and manager of KAPLAN CONSULTANTS. He is a social scientist and consultant in adult education who has been involved in project and program design, management and evaluation in adult education and vocational training for 30 years.

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